Capturing Life's Fleeting Moments

Our art studio offers classes in Rockford, IL

There's something special about putting ideas on paper, whether you're in one of our art classes or painting on your own. Sunflower Studio, LLC is a professional art studio in Rockford, IL, offering art classes for kids and adults in the area. Our goal is to inspire you and give you all the tools you need to express yourself and capture your joy in personal artwork.

In addition to our art classes, we also sell artwork created by our owner, Michelle Dahl. This includes pet portraits and wearable art.

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3 reasons you should take an art class

As kids, we're often encouraged to create art and express ourselves through colors and shapes. But as we get older, many of us lose that encouragement and find ourselves distracted (and stressed) by life's daily tasks.

At Sunflower Studio, we encourage both adults and kids (10 & up) to join us for art classes because...

1. Art is a form of self-expression that helps you work through the stresses of life.
2. It's a creative outlet that allows you to have fun and focus on yourself.
3. You can spend time with your kids and make memories that you'll cherish.

Questions? Contact our art studio today for more information about local classes in the Rockford & Belvidere, IL area.